Mike_TylerMichael Tyler: Earlobe reduction is a simple and effective operation that can be performed by a variety of methods by an experienced plastic surgeon. The aim is to ensure that the scarring is inconspicuous and that the resultant shape is proportional to the rest of the ear. It is performed under local anaesthetic and takes about 30 minutes.

Paul_BanwellPaul Banwell: Liposuction can be performed on the cheeks, usually with a gentle, syringe based system.  If the deeper fat layers are the issue, buccal fat reduction may be the answer.


Sherif_WilsonSherif Wilson: A chin implant may not be an ideal solution because they tend to be of a fixed size and shape. Another option that should be considered are injectable fillers which could ‘fill in’ the dimple or a more permanent solution would be to transfer yoiur own living fat cells (from the abdomen or thigh area) into the chin dimple.

Graham_OfferGraham Offer: Without seeing the exact location of the area you mention it is difficult to know whether you refer to the eyebags, a more marked version of eyebags (called festoons), or an area called "malar bags" which are bordering the upper cheeks. 

Micheal_IrwinMichael Irwin: It is perfectly possible to perform a combined face and browlift with no increased complications. 

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