Sherif_WilsonSherif Wilson: We are closely monitoring developments from the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) regarding the PIP implants.

Charles_NdukaCharles Nduka:  No, MRI is the gold standard method of detecting breast implant ruptures. I can see why companies would use cheap techniques that are less effective, but isn't this the reason why so many thousands of women paid the price of companies putting profits before safety?

Venkat_RamakrishnanVenkat Ramakrishnan: Smaller breasted women with very little tissue under the skin may seek to have the implant placed under the muscle. 

Venkat_RamakrishnanVenkat Ramakrishnan:  There are two aspects to cosmetic surgery, which will also include an element of breast reconstructive surgery. Although breast reconstruction is quite different to breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, the patient is choosing this type of procedure, which is different to surgery for cancer cure.


Charles_NdukaCharles Nduka: The scars for a breast enlargement can be placed in the armpit, in the areola or in the fold under the breast.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.

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