Asit_KhandwalaAsit Khandwala: In some cases, changes to one's body shape which are due to underlying medical conditions can be treated on the NHS. After massive weight loss, problems of loose skin can cause fungal infections in the folds of skin, difficulties in exercise, difficulties in finding suitable clothes, and self-consciousness.

Sherif_WilsonSherif Wilson: Loose skin around the upper arms is common after significant weight loss. If your skin elasticity is good, then liposuction can improve your contour. However, liposuction is only effective if your skin has sufficient elasticity to shrink once the excess underlying fat has been removed.

Sherif_WilsonSherif Wilson: In theory, most surgeons would require a patient to be an adult (over 18), to agree to surgery. However a number of other factors are important and a responsible cosmetic surgeon will want to perform a thorough consultation before proceeding to ensure that you are a suitable candidate.

Asit_KhandwalaAsit Khandwala: Yes, it is possible to perform surgery on a sutured wound. It is preferable that this is performed soon after the initial injury or after the scar has matured. Performing surgery within a few weeks to a few months tends to leave a worse scar as the skin reacts badly to being operated on more than once within a few months. Scars are often thicker and angrier unless allowed to settle before being re-stitched.

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