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When you register with the website, your personal details will be held on a database administered by Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP, operating at the McIndoe Surgical Centre, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3EB. You agree to Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP using your personal details for the following purposes:   Administration and maintenance relating to your use of and registration with the website; Provision of health and other medical information that Aesthetic Advice identifies may be of interest to you based on your personal profile; Research surveys; Direct marketing.


You understand that by registering with the Website you will need to provide Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP with certain information relating to your health, which is regarded as sensitive data under UK data protection legislation. By consenting to Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP processing your personal data you also consent to Aesthetic Advice processing your sensitive data for the purposes described above.   DIRECT MARKETING: You understand that you have the right to prevent Aesthetic Advice from sending direct marketing material to you. Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP will only send such materials to you and process your personal data for that purpose in the event that you positively agree to receive such materials. Such materials may be sent to you by Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP on behalf of the third party users of the Web site referred to in clause 7 below.  


Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP takes the security of your personal details extremely seriously. It has implemented technology and security policies designed to protect the personal details under our control. Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP also follows strict security procedures as required by the U.K. Data Protection Act 1998. These cover the storage and disclosure of any personal details you have provided, and the prevention of unauthorized access.  


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Google Analytics

Non-specific website usage information is collected using these minimally intrusive session and persistent cookies. By using web analytics we can understand how our users arrive at our website, what they do whilst they are on the website, what information they look at whilst on the website, etc. The data collected is anonymous and does not in any way impact on your privacy.

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Third party minimally intrusive session and persistent cookies that provide the online chat window. These cookies collect information on how the chat facility is used, but no personal information is stored.

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This moderately intrusive persistent cookie is used by certain Google Ad services, user data is anonymous.

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Scorecard Research

These moderately intrusive persistent cookies are used certain pages that contain embedded Vimeo videos.

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These moderately intrusive persistent cookies are used by the third party plugin ( to enable certain aspects of the service such as menu personalisation and content analytics.

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This intrusive persistent cookie is stored once you use the share with Google button.

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You understand that by registering with the Website you will be able to communicate directly with certain healthcare professionals and health clinics, and that they will be able to communicate with you in return. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure such healthcare professionals and health clinics process any personal and sensitive data you provide them with in compliance with data protection legislation.  


In providing you with contact details for health professionals and clinics, Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP is not providing you with a medical referral, nor is it making any recommendation on a preferred healthcare provider. You understand that the final choice in these matters lies with you. Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP does not accept any responsibility for your choice.  


At any time you can request that your personal details on the SaferCosmeticSurgery database be amended, corrected or updated. You also may at any time withdraw any consent you have given to Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP to process your personal and sensitive data and to receive direct marketing materials, as well as your acceptance of these Terms of Registration. Such withdrawal must be in writing. However, if you elect to so withdraw your consent or acceptance, Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP may be required to terminate your participation in the Web site and the information and services offered by it. All correspondence should be addressed to the Marketing Manager at Aesthetic Advice Consultancy LLP.

This privacy policy should be read in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions.

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