A face lift is a procedure that has been around for many, many years now – dating back more than 60 years; however there are still many different perceptions about how the procedure is carried out and what the results can bring to your life. Here at Safer Cosmetic Surgery, we have been around for many years ourselves and have all the information you need to know about what will take place if you feel having a face lift is the right road to go down.

The Consultation

The process of having a face lift isn’t just about the surgery, as much of the work will be carried out in your consultation. It gives you and your surgeon the chance to talk at length about the surgery and of course the results of it. You can ask any questions that you feel you need to know about the surgery and your surgeon will gain a well-rounded idea about what you hope for after the surgery. It is often helpful to bring in a photograph of yourself when you felt you looked best, and they will gently manipulate your skin to assess its structure and to show you what you can expect after your surgery.

The Surgery

Your surgery will be carried out under general anaesthetic and will use the small incisions made along the outside of your face to manipulate your facial skin, fat and the underlying muscle to generate a more youthful appearance with a better facial structure – losing sagging skin and wrinkles that will come with age. There are various types of face lift surgery available, these include;

- A Full Face Lift

- A Mini Face Lift

- A Short Scar Face Lift

- An S Lift

- A MACS Lift

- A Midface Life

- A SMAS Face lift

- A New New Face Lift

After your Surgery

Once the procedure is complete, you will stay in the hospital overnight and your bandages will be removed in the morning to check that everything is okay. You can then wash (use mild shampoo) and return home to rest – it is important not to engage in any vigorous activity. Your sutures are then likely to be removed after 7 days and all bruising and swelling should disappear after 2 weeks.

Here at Safer Cosmetic Surgery we do everything we can to help you get the best out of your face lift, giving in-depth advice, guidance and putting you in touch with the best, most experienced surgeons in the country.

Many people search for face lift before and after photos online to find out about the likely outcome. has a range of before and after pictures that you can view before booking a consultation.

Many people search for facelift before and after photos online to find out about the likely outcome. has a range of before and after pictures that you can view before booking a consultation.

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Cosmetic surgery is widely practiced with many surgical procedures, resulting in end results procuring a high level of satisfaction; however, as with all surgical procedures, there is always an element of risk, and this is the same for tummy tucks. The tummy tuck is very popular, with many men and women trying to fight against excess skin, stretch marks and scars. If you have found yourself researching the benefits of a tummy tuck, it’s also recommended by us here at Safer Cosmetic Surgery that you are aware of the risks and possible side effects.

A tummy tuck is designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the stomach, and increase the individual’s body confidence in the process. As with all surgery, there is an element of risk, yet with medical advancements and experience, these have been considerably lowered, however it’s important that you speak to a BAAPS and/or BAPRAS accredited surgeon to discuss these risks in further detail.

The Risks

Listed below are some of the common risks which may result from the surgery you undergo, however we would like to stress that these are very rare, and should any of these arise, a fully approved surgeon will be able to aid your full recovery.

- Infection - Blood cots - Haematoma - Prominent scars - Seroma (fluid collection) - Skin necrosis (skin death)

Potential Side Effects

During the procedure, your body is subject to a considerable amount of trauma, which is why after the tummy tuck, you may experience a certain level of pain, discomfort, bruising and a general feeling of tightness. This is all perfectly natural, however if you become concerned about the symptoms your body is showing, call your surgeon immediately.

While there is a certain level of risk with every surgical procedure, it’s important to remember that these are rare and when you choose a surgeon who is BAAPS and/or BAPRAS approved, these will be significantly reduced. To find a surgeon in your local area who has the necessary qualifications and experience to be able to perform a tummy tuck, search our website today.

Many people search for facelift before and after photos online to find out about the likely outcome. has a range of before and after pictures that you can view before booking a consultation.

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The Department of Health and the charity Breast Cancer Campaign are working together to ensure women with breast cancer who received faulty PIP implants as part of their breast reconstruction surgery understand what they can expect from the NHS.

NHS Medical Director at the Department of Health, Sir Bruce Keogh confirmed today: “Every woman who has had breast cancer and has PIP implants will be able to have them removed and replaced without charge. If you originally received your implants from the NHS, then the NHS will remove and replace them if that is your choice. If you originally received your implants from a private provider, you should in the first instance see if they will remove and replace them free of charge. If not, the NHS will carry out the operation to both remove and replace them.”

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign added: “This commitment to ensuring that all women with breast cancer are able to receive replacement and removal of their PIP implants regardless of where they were originally treated is not only extremely welcome but will also be reassuring for women. The debate surrounding PIP implants should not lose sight of the emotional and physical impact on women with breast cancer of having reconstructive surgery for a second time, particularly under such circumstances.”

The current advice from the Department of Health is that if you have received PIP implants or are unsure as to which implants you have you should speak to your cancer specialist, your GP, or (for patients of private providers) the cosmetic surgeon who originally performed the breast augmentation and they will examine you.

If you have any symptoms such as swelling or lumpiness of the breast, tenderness or redness of the skin you will be referred to a specialist. Your implants may need to be removed and replaced or you might simply want to seek reassurance from the specialist. If you decide not to have your PIP implants removed you will be called back for an annual review.

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Annual statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) have shown a dramatic increase in the number of patients undergoing ‘lift’ surgery. Patients undergoing the ‘lift’ surgeries aim to improve their bodies contour and to remove excess sagging skin following dramatic weight loss.

2011 stats revealed that breast augmentation remains the top procedure in the US with 307,000 breast implant procedures performed last year - 4 percent rise since 2010. However body contouring procedures such as; upper arm lifts, body lifts, breast lifts and buttock lifts are becoming more desirable. Some of these procedures have increased in popularity by 600 percent in the last decade.

President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Dr Malcom Roth feels the rise in bariatric surgery has driven those who have lost a significant amount of weight to pursue surgery to remove their excess loose skin.

ASPS 2011 figures show that it’s not only body contouring surgery that saw a boom last year. In the US non surgical treatments increased by 6 percent, with nearly 12.2 million procedures undertaken in 2011.

The top five surgical procedures in 2011 were:

  • Breast augmentation (307,000 procedures, up 4 percent)
  • Nose reshaping (244,000 procedures, down 3 percent)
  • Liposuction (205,000 procedures, up 1 percent)
  • Eyelid surgery (196,000 procedures, down 6 percent)
  • Facelift (119,000 procedures, up 5 percent)

How does the UK’s annual statistics compare to the US?

2011 Figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) showed a rise of 5.8% from 2010 to a total of 43,069 and their order of popularity remained entirely unchanged. Breast augmentation (‘boob jobs’) maintained on top with a slow but constant growth of 6.2% from 9,418 to 10,003 in 2011.

However, the most impressive stats have been recorded in the weight loss category in male tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), which showed an increase of 15%.

Although on a much smaller scale the UK’s top five procedures table is very similar to the US:

  • Breast augmentation (10,015 procedures, up 6.2 percent)
  • Eyelid surgery (6,057 procedures, up 4.8 percent)
  • Breast Reduction (5,291 procedures, up 6.7 percent)
  • Face/Neck Lift (4,968 procedures, up 4.5 percent)
  • Nose reshaping (4,518 procedures, up 7.4 percent)

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At a time when the UK’s cosmetic surgery industry is under scrutiny, a new website has been launched in Toronto advertising the ‘best’ prices on beauty products, services and surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The founder of North America's first cosmetic enhancement magazine, Elevate, has launched the deals site, and hope to launch sister sites in Miami, New York and Los Angeles soon.

Socially Sexy Deals negotiate the ‘best’ deals with board certified medical professionals, and offers them to subscribers for a one‐week period.

President of Socially Sexy Deals, Roberto De Angelo explained: "Our look is fun but our platform puts education first. We go to great lengths to ensure our subscribers make informed choices with the freedom to change their minds ‐ no questions asked,"

First week of business

As their opening offer are promoting a 25% discount on breast augmentation and 79% off laser hair removal.

In order to ensure quality and transparency, the new company have limited the available voucher quantity to a maximum of 250 per deal. The site will list all featured doctors' and practitioners' qualifications and publish patients' photos and reviews with sources to encourage thorough research and background checks before making a purchase. Socially Sexy Deals insist customers must be 18 years of age or older.

The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgery have endorsed 3d video animations for the site, aimed to educate the site’s subscribers.

Thankfully, surgical vouchers can be refunded within 30 days without question, or at anytime if the medical professional deems the purchaser to be an unsuitable candidate for the procedure.

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Women with large breasts can often experience discomfort, and in some circumstances pain usually arises in their lower back as a result of the excess strain that the weight places on their frame. If you, like many women, are struggling to perform your day to day tasks or you merely feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts, then breast reduction surgery should be a consideration.

As surgeons ourselves, we at Safer Cosmetic Surgery we believe that breast reduction surgery can help reduce the amount of pain you experience, as it removes excess tissue which lessens the weight your body has to carry around. In addition to this, the breasts are often resized to suit the shape and size of your body so that they look physically in proportion. This helps women embrace their new body image and encourage women to feel confident about their body.

At Safer Cosmetic Surgery, we appreciate the discomfort that women with heavy breasts can experience, and while cosmetic surgery should be seen as a last resort, we have found breast reduction surgery to be the most effective form of treatment. If you are someone who is physically and emotionally hindered by the size of your breasts then you should speak to a qualified BAAPS and/or BAPRAS approved surgeon to discuss the options available to you.

Finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon who holds all the appropriate qualifications and who has proven experience in breast reduction surgery is vital. An experienced surgeon will talk you through the procedure, and highlight any potential risks; it is for this reason that we at Safer Cosmetic Surgery established our website which lists all the BAAPS and/or BAPRAS approved surgeons.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, we strongly advise that you seek the expertise of an approved surgeon, as they will be able to tell you if you are a suitable candidate for this particular procedure. To find a surgeon today, browse through the reminder of our website.

Many people search for facelift before and after photos online to find out about the likely outcome. has a range of before and after pictures that you can view before booking a consultation.

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