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Welcome to Safer Cosmetic Surgery's Cambridge web page. You can find out more information about dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures in Cambridge on this website from breast enlargement surgery to tummy tuck procedures, and more. We provide information about surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as face lifts, facial sculpting, nose surgery, cheek implants, breast enlargements, breast reductions, abdominoplasty, liposuction, mole removal, laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle injections and tattoo removal.

This website will recommend the best and safest cosmetic surgery clinics in Cambridge, and give detailed profiles on the surgeons based in the area. We offer only honest and professional advice.

We provide information on the following:

Breast Enlargement in Cambridge

If you're interested in a breast enlargement procedure in the Cambridge or Cambridgeshire area, specialists Michael Irwin and Venkat Ramakrishnan are based in the East Midlands area, and are both qualified to carry out safe cosmetic surgery on breasts; they are both highly experienced in this type of surgery.

Tummy Tuck in Cambridge

Tummy tuck surgery (or abdomnioplasty) is ideal for those who want a flatter tummy and a slimmer overall appearance. It is also often chosen by people who have gained and then lost large amounts of weight, or women who have been pregnant and are probably feeling self-conscious about the stretch marks left behind. All this can be corrected with tummy tuck procedures in Cambridge.

Facial Surgery

Facial surgery can include rhinoplasty, brow, neck and face lifts. Browse our website to find out more detailed information about our facial procedures.

Surgeons in Cambridge

The surgeons that are currently located in the Cambridge area are:

  • Michael Irwin - practicing privately at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital with years of experience in cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.
  • Venkat Ramakrishnan - Mr Ramakrishnan has been practicing reconstructive surgery since 1987, specialising in breast enlargement and other types of breast surgery.
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