Inverted Nipple Correction
Inverted Nipples affect a large number of women and can lead to a variety of problems both physical and emotional. Inverted nipple correction, is a minor surgical procedure that is utilised to make turned-in or inverted nipples into normal protruding nipples.

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Inverted nipple correction

Inverted nipple correction, a minor surgical procedure, is utilised to make turned-in or inverted nipples into a normal protruding shape. This condition affects a large number of women, and can lead to functional and emotional problems, especially when it causes breast feeding difficulties. Although the procedure is predominately undertaken by women, men can also undergo inverted nipple correction.

What can I expect from surgery?  

Inverted nipple correction surgery is usually performed under local anaesthetic, and usually takes no more than half an hour.  The surgeon will make a small incision in the areola at the nipple’s base. The underlying tissue and nipple is raised and gently stitched into a protruded or pinched position. Where necessary, your surgeon will make every attempt to preserve the milk ducts. If the ducts are of no concern, they may well be detached during surgery as this makes achieving a protruding nipple easier to achieve.

Recovery time  

It is likely that you will experience fatigue for a few days after your procedure. The nipple itself is likely to be sore and there is usually some swelling and bruising, which is perfectly natural. Prescription medication can be prescribed to alleviate any pain. After the operation a light dressing will be fitted which you will need to keep dry for two weeks. When the dressing is removed it will be cleaned and inspected.   It is important to note that scars can remain pink and firm for at least six weeks, and will often remain the same size for several months. In some cases the scars make take up to two years to fade. You should have regular check-ups after your surgery to check on the progress being made.   Although every attempt is made to preserve milk ducts, some or all or the ducts may be lost during your procedure.  


As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, expectations must be realistic.  The majority of patients are pleased with their results and achieve greater self confidence.

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